Exploring the Undergraduate Residential Experience

Yeh Dorm

Site updated February 23, 2024

Princeton is assessing how housing and dining may best support the well-being and changing needs of an expanding and increasingly diverse student body.

To this end, we have engaged Huron Consulting Group to conduct a study of current dining and housing policies and processes, as well as their impact on the undergraduate student experience. The study will include focus groups, engagement sessions across campus, and a campus-wide survey. We will share dates and details on this site in the coming weeks.

Our goal is to hear from as many undergraduate students as possible and from any interested members of the Princeton community. We aim to get as complete a picture as we can of the undergraduate housing and dining experience.

If you would like to share your feedback or participate in an upcoming focus group or engagement session, please click here.


Why conduct this study now?

The University is in the midst of a four-year enrollment expansion, and we seek to understand the impact of this growth on the undergraduate student experience. The composition of Princeton’s student body is also changing, making it important to assess the evolving needs of our community.

Recognizing that dining and housing play critical roles in supporting the well-being of Princeton students, we intend to explore how our residential and dining programs may best support students’ mental and physical health, as well as encourage the creation of authentic and inclusive communities.

What changes will come from this study?

The results of this study will inform future plans for our housing and dining programs and the polices, technology, and spaces that support them.

Project Updates

February 23: Follow-up Survey

Recent dining selection activities for sophomore and junior students have highlighted the significance of dining decisions and their broader impact on the residential student experience at Princeton. Recognizing this, Huron is delving deeper into the motivations that influence dining selection and its impact on students’ expectations of sustaining and building community.

Huron released a survey this week to sophomore and junior students that participated in the fall undergraduate survey. This new survey will allow them to share their experience and thoughts regarding the range of dining opportunities available as they progress through your academic journey. The survey will close on Thursday, February 29.

January 18: Alumni Survey Launch

Huron Consulting, in partnership with University Services, recently completed the Princeton undergraduate residential experience survey in December 2023. While data analysis is ongoing, Huron is launching the next phase of the study with the deployment of an alumni survey. This survey is a vital component of building a comprehensive understanding of the role of housing and dining in creating a sense of belonging and inclusion in the Princeton community. Survey responses will be used to inform recommendations to enhance the residential experience.

December 4: Survey Launch

Having completed the initial rounds of interviews, Huron is launching the next phase of the study with the introduction of an undergraduate student survey. This survey represents a crucial step in understanding the diverse perspectives within the community, and the team is eager to hear from every student.  

What to Expect: 

Email Notifications: Students should expect to receive an email containing a unique and personalized link to access the survey. This link is exclusively yours, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your responses. 

Survey Duration: The survey is designed to be efficient, taking only 10-15 minutes of your time. Your input is immensely valuable, and we appreciate your commitment to helping us gather the most comprehensive data. 

October and November: Initial Rounds of In-Person Interviews

Huron Consulting Group successfully completed initial rounds of interviews that included students, faculty, staff, and alumni.